Light Crusader Is A Very Good RPG Game

User Rating: 7 | Light Crusader GEN

I'll have to say if you're a person who wishes to play a easy going RPG game that stick with the roots of a good RPG game. I'll say play Light Crusader for the Sega Genesis. For a 1995 Mega Drive game, It brings a lot to the table. The graphics are great and detailed, nice sound effects, great background music. It challenges the brain like good and tricky RPGs do. The only thing that is lame about this game is the backstory\storyline. It's kinda cheesy to me in a good way but even the voice overs are actually great and can give a Super Nintendo a run for it's money. I'm not saying it's like Legend of Zelda but it's a pretty damn good game that I feel a RPG lover could enjoy playing.