Is It Just Me?

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Ok so I recently play Life Is Strange and the last episode I played was episode 3...I DID NOT like the ending I liked it how Chloe was and how everything was playing out, cause I really shipped them until the end of episode 3!! Will this possibly be changed!??! I'm kinda freaking out..

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I have not played but do u think I should?????????

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It is just you.. The game starts off high school drama, then through out the episodes it starts to get bit more intest throughout the next two episodes. Following episode 3 where you see chloe in the wheele chair.. BIG flip of the feel for the character, like heart dropping.. episode 4 comes and it gets dark.... IT needed the flipped, i really enjoyed it. I think you should play it.. The game does go dark, from high school girl drama life to holy shiza, Over all I enjoyed the dark twist they through it, i think the reason people having issues with this cause they are "teenagers" but we live in a world that this stuff can happen.. OVERALL I really enjoyed this episode and I can not wait till the next one..