The shortest and weakest episode to date

User Rating: 4 | Life is Strange 2: Episode 4 - Faith XONE

Going into episode 4, I knew that it needed to set up the final episode and it in a big way. The previous episode brought the story to a bit of a halt so I expected episode 4 to right the ship and fast track the story a bit. Episode 4 did just that, which is fine, but it is also the worst episode of Life of Strange 2.

First off, it is an incredibly short episode. If it wasn't for the needless run-in with the racists and trucker, which easily took up 20 minutes of the playthrough, it would have been even short. The filler early on doesn't exactly help the incredibly fast-paced second half that relies more on cutscenes than actual interactions and moral choices. There is actually very little to do this episode as it is by far the most linear episode of the series.

I was also disappointed with how the mother was finally introduced in this episode. All season long, She was a mystery and there were so many questions. Like why did she just up and leave her family? Why did she never bother to contact them? And at the end of the day, the answer was incredibly unsatisfying and while I won't spoil it, It actually really irked me. I also didn't really care for just how quickly the brothers, especially Sean, accepted her into their lives again without any real emotional reaction to her initial abandonment.

And soon after that, we are met with another painfully anticlimactic ending with one-off characters. It's very boring and thankfully it ends quickly so we don't have to suffer through any more of this weak episode.

Overall: 4/10
The fast-paced, disappointing story left a lot more to be desired and, at least IMO, is arguably the worst episode of the Life is Strange series.