Solid character building but painfully slow

User Rating: 6 | Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 - Wastelands XONE

I think what kind of separates this one apart from previous episodes is that there is a lot of character building in this one. Not just in the main characters but in the side characters as well. It helps form a connection with the people that are in the camp Sean and Daniel are staying at and in turn, makes the situation they're in a lot more sympathetic to the player. This is the episode where we also see a kind of personality change in Daniel as he realizes just how special his powers are and it makes him a little cocky and arrogant at times too.

That being said, This had to be one of my least favourite episodes of Life is Strange so far. I felt the pacing of the series came to a grinding halt. The episode is filled with a bunch of generic tasks that in no way help advance the plot until the very end. This genuinely was just a character development episode before rushing things in the final act to advance the story. So at the end of it all, what happens doesn't really hit as hard as it does in previous episodes because there is that kind of disconnect.

Overall: 6/10
There really isn't much to say about this one as nothing really stands out. It's a pretty average episode IMO. It's still very much playable and I had no major issues with it. I just wished that they mixed plot and character development better rather than having just a heavy focus on one and not the other.