From an emotional journey to leftist propaganda... what to expect from season 2?

User Rating: 2 | Life is Strange 2 PC

The first Life is Strange and Before the Storm were my favorite episodic games by far. With relatable characters and unexpected twists... by the time I finished an episode I couldn't wait for the next one to see what happens to Chloe and Max or... poor Rachel.

If you expect the same thing from this season you will be disappointed, with just two words you will know what to expect from it; LEFTIST PROPAGANDA, from hipster Jesus to "build a wall" references to "go back to your own country" to trigger happy cops that panic and act like lunatics... once you know this (and you will as soon as a certain scene hits) then you will just know every twist because it just becomes propaganda... and propaganda is nothing if not predictable.

Not only that this game is actually giving bad life lessons like; in case of danger throw your phone, if it gets too difficult run away, don't trust cops they are evil "HUNTERS" (exact word) don't trust white people (other then the wise Jesus hipster of course). Having said this, I am from Europe... but its common sense to not preach distrust in cops... perpetuating this fear of cops is dangerous for both civilians and the police. America is getting more divided and this sort of propaganda isn't helping.

I don't know what happened down at Dontnod Entertainment or Squere Enix but something changed. The first Life is Strange had a well defined story it didn't feel political it felt emotional and pure, Life is Strange 2 is just... disappointing, I am not even interested in playing the other episodes.

Its sad that they turned this beautiful series into this political mess. Please keep your politics out of our games!!! "Everything is political" (exact words from hipster Jesus) NO! Not everything needs to be political!!! Don't try to indoctrinate us through our love of games!!!