A great puzzle game featuring cute little green-haired smurfalikes with a strong determination to walk. Sounds like fun.

User Rating: 10 | Lemmings PC
I am a big fan of puzzle games, a genre which does not so much rely on flashy graphics and crisp animations than love for detail and a good balance between progression and the obstacles in your (and the Lemmings') way. Lemmings is the perfect example of how to do it right. A hearty presentation, cute characters, nice level designs and a cuddly soundtrack - that's is about all you need.

One thing that strucks me about Lemmings is how much fun it can be to fail or nearly fail. Where other puzzle games simply leave you cursing at the screen or murmur in agony, The Lemmings' Lemmings keep on walking, digging and climbing in determination until they splat on the floor, fall down somehwere, dig themselves out of the screen, walk dumbstruck into traps or get stuck. All of which may be a reason for cursing, yet it still funny and entertaining to witness. Furthermore, some situations asking for spontaenous solutions will make you desperately clicking away at the lunatic stairwaybuilder to make him do what you want only to admire his impressive sculpture, while he has already taken a suicidal dive for the better.

A very entertaining game that increases its difficulty in good balance. The simple formula "Easy to learn, hard to master" could have been invented for the lemmings.

Great game,