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User Rating: 9 | Lemmings PC
Here's the best way to describe Lemmings:

If you're a stereotypical PC gamer you probably enjoy blood and guts FPS action or the high brow satisfaction you get from beating a RTS game like Starcraft. So imagine such a person playing a game like The Sims, saying to themselves: "Why am I playing this? This isn't even really a game, it's more like a psychological exam of some kind."

Yet you can't tear yourself away. There's something about having the life and death of your Sims - or Lemmings - in your hands and making the decision to let them live happily ever after or watch them suffer and die in misery.

It probably really does say a lot about you how you approach a game like this - Lemmings is about what you think it is. You are given a flock or tiny little smurf like creatures and you have to successfully navigate them through entertaining puzzles and environments, keeping as many of them alive as possible.

You have to make choices on the fly, moving objects around on screen or diverting your Lemmings from one direction to another to avoid them walking off a cliff to their doom or landing in molten lava.

You're almost always going to lose some but once you master a level you will find yourself gleefully sending Lemmings to their deaths, giggling at their suffering like some sort of sadistic digital Lenin.

If you've ever put a Sim in the pool then removed the ladder, you know how amusing that can be and you're familiar with the process of rationalizing repugnant behavior by reminding yourself you're not REALLY playing God and abusing your ability to dispense life or death.

Or are you? LOL