A cart on the long train of Lemmings games.

User Rating: 9 | Lemmings PC
Graphics: Obviously you'll notice more detail and work was put into the environment rather than the characters themselves, but then again they are just little lemmings, why push it further than need be? All of the pixel artwork is well done, as were most PC games at the time which of course seemed more advanced than most console games.

Sound/Music: A lot of the sounds you'll hear the little critters make may be what some like to call "cute" and others "annoying" or something that falls in between. I never paid much attention to the music itself, which probably speaks out something, that it isn't noticable (unless my memory at this point fails me).

Difficulty: Like any ordinary puzzle game, start out easy and in a flash becomes brain-twisting. Let's.. Just hope it's not so bad your brain seeps out of your ears, or your nose, maybe your mouth, or even your eyes.

Gameplay: This game was and still is quite popular, but I'll go over the game anyway. It's a puzzle game, as stated before, which tests you more on reflexes and wits rather than anything else. In fact, some of the actions you must do, whether it be climb, dig, block, etc, are so sudden that you might screw up the first time, which will be the last time and you end up starting over. The game is at a sidescroller view and you let the number of lemmings enter the level. You must have them do specific tasks to make sure they or the others get to safety, which is the tunnel in the end with a view of the outside. There is a goal number of lemmings you must save and there's bonuses. The more you rescue, obviously the more score you get. Just take some advice, learn to quickly plan ahead.

Controls: Different controls on different consoles, but since I'm reviewing the PC version, this should be quite simple. Most of the time if not always, you'll just use your mouse. No fancy work required.

Overall: I do think this is an enjoyable game, fun to pass the time with, and a bit comical in its own style. I do hope anyone reading this whom gets the game enjoys it, it is a very unique game on its own.