Can you save the Lemmings?

User Rating: 8.8 | Lemmings PSP
Lemmings is this fun puzzle game where you have navigate a certain number of Lemmings from the start to the finish. It sounds easy but it's not as there will be raging rivers, lava, steep cliffs and more danger for your Lemmings to get killed. With tons of levels to play, (150+ levels!) you will never get bored. You will get frustrated as many of the levels may seem pretty impossible.

You can create your own level and share them with your friends or download your friends created levels.

The music is great and it will get stuck in your head a lot! Each level has it's own unique song to listen to.

There really isn't anything else to tell about the game. It's very fun but can be very difficult at times. The user levels might be poorly made but overall the game is a fun game that you will play over and over again.