Just like it's fathers, Lemmings brings classic levels, gameplay and fun - you simply can't go wrong with this game...

User Rating: 8.4 | Lemmings PSP
When I first heard that Lemmings was being released on the PSP my immediete thoughts were "Oh god, another rubbish take off of the original PC classic". But my thoughts were totally wrong, as after picking up a copy of Lemmings I was astounded at how well the developers had done with Lemmings. It's basically classic Lemmings on your PSP, with a modern feel to it and a few extras added in. As soon as you load the game, the menu pops up with a funky interface with fun music running in the background. Menu sound effects are very poppy and you get a happy feeling for the game as soon as you start hitting the buttons. The menu design is fairly simple, but it looks great nevertheless. Navigating through the menus both in and outside of playing the actual game is very easy, and you'll find whatever you're looking for pretty quickly. The various modes of the game are good, and give you an excellent variety. You have four different catergories, with about 30 different stages in each. As you progress the levels get harder through that catergory, these catergories are: Special, Original, User and Extra. Special is especially created levels for the game, original contains all the classic levels, user contains all the levels you've created (more about that later on in the review) and extra are any levels you have downloaded from the official Lemmings website. The original catergory contains sub catergories of fun levels, trick levels, taxing levels and mayhem level. All in all, it's going to fill up a lot of hours of playing time!

Soon as you enter the game Lemmings looks stunning, just as the classic looked, except modernised which does look stylish. You have a suped-up style bar along the bottom with your usual tools and a mouse to select various things. Some stages are difficult, some are easy, some are logically difficult, and some do take the micky to complete! But you'll no doubt enjoy playing and thinking all the stages through!

You also get to create your own Lemmings levels. The level editor lets you put in all the objects and landscapes you see in the game. This is a bit frustrating however, as you have to be very accurate on where you put all the objects to make the level look how you wanted it to look. Also, another frustrating thing is that all the levels are made on a few of the same style background templates. Like every level is either greek, egyptian, sewer, volcano or outside. It can be annoying as after a while you wish to see something different. Lemmings will keep you busy for a long time, but the level editor won't. Online's not much of an enjoyable play either, unless you're game sharing. Very much old-school, but very much enjoyable too! Hours of fun for the price? BARGAIN!