Oh my God! I was waiting for so much more!

User Rating: 6 | Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust PS3
A PlayStation3 game of Leisure Suit Larry must:
-Be funny- At least that! As you will read, this game needs many things to be...acceptable and one of them is not jokes. Larry continues funny.
-Like all PS3 games, have good graphics- well, people can`t say they are horrible or terrible but... they are not very good, but they are not bad!...totally.
-Have a nice story- What the F#$K! The history is almost all about sex and he trying to "have fun". Well, of course there are the parts when he tries to catch Kip, the bad boy of the game.
-Have good environment- In the game there are four environments: Lafter Studios, the second best, a little short; The cowboys` town, to me the best one, principally because it is the biggest one; the horror town, it is only better than the Bytanic. It needs some more clarity and we can`t be in a certain place and then go find the missions, it is always walking; the Bytanic is the worst of them, it is so... mini?
-Have good voices- No, no, no! This game has horrible voices, some irritant, others talk so loud that we almost can`t hear it!
-Have a good soundtrack- HORRIBLE MUSIC!!!! It is always the same, looks those musics which play in bars.
Has you read, this game sucks. Want to try it? Fine, but I am warning you...don`t.