Why doesn't anyone have the PC version of the game?

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Every store website says it "came out" but is out of stock. Even Amazon says that it will be shipped by late December. However, all these stores have the Xbox and PS3. What's going on here?

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Have you gotten any more info about this?  The internet has nothing to say about it, apparently.  Your forum post is the only thing mentioning the game's absence from....everywhere.

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Amazon never shipped my copy and when asked said the supplier did not get it to them yet. Currently shipping Dec. 13th. Steam doesn't have it, I can't find it at any retailer, and no one says that it has been delayed. The Xbox copy shipped with an incorrect label but that is no reason to delay the PC version. Back when Lego Batman 2 was released it was also hard to find the PC version. Does anybody know what is going on?
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Unfortunately, no new information, despite a lot of searching. It just seems to have gone MIA. This really is one of the most disastrous releases I've ever seen. First, the push the game back from Oct. 30 to Nov. 13 a few days before release. When the release date finally comes, PC version is missing without a trace and the Xbox 360 version was loaded with a demo instead of the full game. Tt may have a tough time recovering from this one. If I find out more I'll keep you all updated. 

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I'm on the phone with Lego right now trying to get an answer to this question. Best buy is now showing general availability (although not a lot of stock) for the console versions and it seems to be available for order from Walmart, Target, etc. but the PC version is just missing. Lego says that the PC version won't be available until the 27th of November for some reason. No idea why they pushed the game back (again) or why they don't see a need to make some sort of announcement either...but that's what Lego says. November 27th.
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Thank you for the information! I really can't believe that they are pushing it back again. But even if they really do need more time to iron out bugs/etc, there is no excuse for not announcing it and just leaving retailers wondering where the heck their pc versions of the game are.