Stop Wand in Amon Hen ?

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I have xbox 360 version of the game. Once I climb to the top of the "gate" and equip the Shockwave axe I can not break the square. Frodo will not jump because he has the ring on and hitting the x button will not trigger the block to break. Has anyone had this issue and if so have you figured out a way around it?????? I am almost done with the game and really want to mark this level off my list. Thanks!
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For anyone else having this issue, I figured out the answer. If Borimer dies when you set the catapult off the second time in the level you cannot get this treasure item. I would suggest you get the item then go back to the catapult and set it off for the second time before you walk up the stairs at the end of this stage of the level.
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Did this last night, just follow borrimor after rocks have fallen on his head and then turn around, you will then beable to run and jump!