Playing the game on pc - prologue problem

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I loaded the game and started to play but when in the prologue I got to the bit where you have to fight Sauron how do I attack him? He doesn't move around like I've seen on Youtube videos, he just stands there and I try and fight him but he doesn't seem to take any damage. Am I missing something, or is there an issue with the game?
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I bought this on Steam yesterday and started playing it now and I am having exactly the same problem. He just stands in the middle, laughing. I've run up to him, away from him, run around him, swiped at him.... He just doesn't move! In walkthrough's all they say to do is run up to him and away and he should attack.... Did you buy your game through Steam?
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I think I've figured it out, make sure you don't press F2 to bring in a 2nd player. Mine worked fine when I didn't press that.