PC version expected release date?

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I have not been able to find anywhere when this version is supposed to come out, although I've heard rumors of it being the 27th Can someone please confirm this, and if you do, please provide a link to your source if you can, if not, then don't worry about it. Thanks
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I called Lego on the 14th and they told me over the phone that the PC version won't be available until the 27th. They wouldn't specify why though.
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Alright, thanks a lot.
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uk release is 23rd
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I had been checking several places online for the PC version and no one had it in stock online. I had seen some Best Buy stores (nowhere near me) were showing it in stock though on their website. I read that it was pushed to the 27th so I was going to wait til then, but I just happened to check again on the Best Buy website and all stores near me were showing it in stock on the 20th. I went to one and didn't see it, but checked out Future Shop and they had it.