I cannot stop playing while laughing with it (so well made!)

User Rating: 10 | LEGO The Hobbit PS3
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I love the lego games since the 1st game got out (my brother made me join the lego world years ago and it's decades ago really). When LEGO Hobbit got out I needed to play it (yesterday). I already finished AUJ and now I'm playing the 2nd part, Desolation of Smaug (right now I'm vs. Smaug, can't say more). The good thing is that you will not only enjoy the story (with some little changes) but also laugh at it (some clips are hilarious!). TT games always surprise me even in how good the visuals look. Why I give it a 10/10? Because it deserves it....as a fan is a 10 obviously (is one of my fave books and loved also the 70's film & Jackson's version too + that 2003 PS2 and GBA game of it also) but as a lego gamer and lover I could not deny that 10 at all. I can't wait to do the side quests even (there are a LOT of it. If you pass a part more missions come out!). It has some cool new stuffs too/puzzles but is basically a system we have seen since Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Batman games (in the lego universe). I still love this 'save' more since Lego LOTR (Batman 2: DC Superheroes has a save I disliked somehow since for everything it save it...but not here thanks!). So yeah, this is my review (very short). Enjoy. Hope more lego games come by (to play them all) and can't wait for LEGO Hobbit 'There and Back Again'. Have a nice year ;)