Star Wars and Legos make a good combination.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Star Wars PS2


-Brilliant audio
-Fun multiplayer
-Lots of secrets and unlockables


-Story mode is very short
-Controls are too simple


Lego Star Wars has the best of both worlds, Legos and Star Wars. If you are an adult, then this game gives you the perfect excuse to play with Legos. This game runs through a Lego version of the first three episodes of the Star Wars saga. You will get to do the Pod racing from Episode I, fight in the clone wars in Episode II and see the rise of the Empire in Episode III. There are lots of funny cut scenes and the story is closely related to the movies. However, the story mode is a little too short. But, you get to play as all your favorite characters from the movies like Obi-Wan, Yoda, and R2-D2. Plus unlock plenty of other characters.


The gameplay is really unique because it combines the great features of a good action adventure game with legos. From the start of the game you start in Dexter's diner. Dexter's diner is like the main headquarters for this game so become familiar with everything here because you'll be back often. From Dexter's you can enter the story mode (Episodes I - III), purchase hints, characters and extra features, or walk around and see the achievements that you have already done (like collecting lego pieces to build vehicles). There is a multiplayer mode which lets two people play together through all parts of the game. It is a lot of fun trying to work together to solve puzzles or lightsaber duel against the Sith.

The controls for the game are really easy to understand but also make the game feel too simple. For each level, in the story mode, you get to use a certain amount of characters. For instance you could have Obi-wan, Anakin, Jar-Jar Binks and C3-PO for a particular level. Anyways, you have the option to change characters at anytime. Now some characters, like the Jedi, can attack, jump and use the force but there is only one button to attack so you end up doing the same move over and over again. Other characters just have a blaster gun and can only attack and jump. And finally, the rest of the characters like Jar-Jar and C3-PO can only move around. So, even though the controls are simple it takes away from the gameplay because it gets repetitive. However, there is a very cool feature about the controls in that you have the option to construct vehicles or equipment, in certain places, by holding down the circle button. When this happens your character puts the lego blocks together to create an end product that you can use in the game.

The extra stuff that you can do in this game is really worth completing. There are lots of side quests to do like collecting studs (like money) to unlock playable characters, extra features (like invincibility or silly blasters), or unlock the True Jedi Status. Either way you and your friend can spend many hours trying to complete these side quests. Another nice feature is the Free Mode which lets you replay a level in the story mode but with the option to use different characters then the ones you get by default.


The visuals are fun because it is all legos! As you defeat enemies you see their lego bodies fly apart. The level design for the story mode is really well done too.

The music is excellent, in my opinion, because it has all the music that you know and love from the Star Wars movies. It's like having John Williams's orchestra in your room while you play with Legos, LOL. The sound effects from the slashing of the lightsaber to the lego construction sound are great too.


Lego Star Wars is a good, fun game that has lots of charm. Whether you are a little kid or an adult there is plenty of replay value to this game. So, May the Legos be with you!