Good Enough

User Rating: 6.5 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
LEGO Star Wars is good enough to make you come back for more a few times. The game play is great, it's just that I think it's kind of boring here and there like when you have to defeat Darth Maul. All you do is just Force the objects that the villain forces at you back. It's not very exciting as you can see. The graphics are similar to LEGO Batman's, great and good looking.The controls are so similar again to LEGO Batman's with X as jump and Square as Attack.The music as again are an average. The story keeps to the movies like Star Wars The Phantom Menace. But even with the game sticking to the story, I'm still surprised that LEGO Star Wars story is much, much boring than the Star Wars movies. I am very surprised. I like the Star Wars movies but LEGO Star Wars's story isn't that great. Overall LEGO Star Wars The Video Game is an good addition to your library, but you should only spend about 100 hours playing it. But still you should buy it.