lego Star Wars is good game with his on sense of style

User Rating: 8.6 | LEGO Star Wars XBOX
Lego Star Wars is a good good game with his funny graphics and the storyline of the 3 movie

Gameplay:has his on sense of style.You can play with all the main characcters of the movie and is very fun.Slashing your lighsaber all the game never gets old.The gameplay is solid and is fun hit Jar-Jar.

Graphics: looks good.They are very funny.The enviourments are detail like the movie and the lego part they added look great.

Sound:This game have great audio.They have every music of the movie and every tune.Lighsaber action sound great and the guns sound exacly like the movie.

Value:is high.

TIlt:You can pased the game various time to get every secret and Lord Vader and it take time to do that.

Complains:The story is too short is 8 hours of gameplay.It take the time too watch the movie.The other complain is that some characters they don't attack.

Overall is fun game to buy and the originality won't let you down.Lego Star Wars gets an 8.5