Fun an inovative game; Lego Starwars is appealing in both its youthful humor as well as its adherance to all thangs SW.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars PC
Lego Star Wars was an incredibly fun game that was not only appealing to younger ages but related to older Star Wars fans as well. All the humor was clean, the combat and exploration enjoyable, the worlds nicely made, and the surprises well hidden throughout. I personally went through the game countless times (easily over 100) trying to discover all the nuances that Lucas Arts had slipped in. One of the only drawbacks from my perspective was that you could never fail or get set back. Death was only accompanied by a minor monetary loss and near immediate respawn. This was of course geared to those of younger age so is understandable. It easily made up for this with all the fun content as well as the usefulness of nearly any character (except the gonk droid, who put that in there). All in all, a very good game that I would recommend to any Star Wars fan and allow any kid to play without hesitation.