I think it deserves a better gread

User Rating: 8.6 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
Hi, lego starwars its a great game for fans of lego and starwars, it has good gamplay, graphicas and its kinda of funny, so here is the review.

FIrst i realy think the adaptation frome the movie to the game its really good. It has every important part of the 3 movies on the missions. I really think it one of the best games of starwars right now.

Now lets talk about details. I liked a lot that they put really cool moves to all the characters, ande every character has its own style of doing thing, i think thats great. The gamplay is really cool it is very easy to play for everyone and thats really good caus that makes the game more funn to play.

The graphics are really cool, it looks a litlle bit cube style, but its a lego game, lego pieces are squares and rectangles, so the graphicas are great.
THe story is well adapted, it catches all does great moments of the movies on all its missions.

A great bonus of the game are the things that you can unlock, i mean you can unlock characters that you can use in the missions, some funny things like mustages for the characters, some funny lasers,i mean it has many things to unlock.

The only thing that i didnt like of this game is that is very easy and a little bit short , but that doesnt matter a lot because i really enjoy it and thats what it counts.

So here is my opinion of the game, i own it and it is a good game for a buy or rent.