it needs more

User Rating: 8.2 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
gameplay the game play is a bit slow but the graphics are ace I'm hoping the secound one will be a lot harder so that it makes it a bit more challenging. thay also could have had more levels you could have played as the submarine on episope 1 and the jedi starfihter on episode 2 and the general greavious chase on episode 3. It dosent take that long to finish it 100%. one of the good things that nealy every character you meet you get to play as them. another bad thing is when you die you dont lose any lives you just lose some money. if you havent seen episode 3 lego star wars dosent ruin much about the film because every one knows what is going to happen.there is a few mistakes in the graphics but you can't have everthing can you. I would recomend buying this />
I cant wait for the 2nd one because there the best episodes and have all the best characters.