Wow! What a surprise! ... this is a game created for players like me!

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars XBOX
Wow! What a surprise! I never saw this one coming. I mean, who would have thought that a game this creative would ever find its way into the world of gaming today? Traveller's Tales delivers a wonderfully creative twist on the timeless epic of Star Wars. With all the Grand Theft Auto's and their clones coming out today it's nice to see something with this kind of quality and innocent fun come out in this current generation of gaming. Full of nostalgia and beauty, this is a game created for players like me!

Let's go over the story. This game is solely based on the new prequel trilogy of the Star Wars Saga. It follows the story lines of "The Phantom Menace", " Attack of the Clones", and " Revenge of the Sith", to a tee. It just wears a coat of cute little Lego characters instead of realistic 3-D characters from the films. If you haven't seen all three movies, it might be a good idea to view them first so not to ruin the film experience for you. This game contains spoilers that might make the movies seem anti-climactic if you play before you watch. That said, this game is probably the best (yes, the BEST) game based on the movies you can play. Just about everything in the movies is in the game. Each "movie" is divided into six chapters to complete and after each chapter is completed you can re-enter the chapter to play through and explore all the dandy little secrets. What's more, after you complete each chapter, you can earn or buy characters that either helped you along the way, or that you had to face in order to go to the next chapter. Imagine playing through levels of Star Wars as Darth Maul and Little Anakin Skywalker! How cool is that?!? In fact, you almost have to be able to use other characters in order to complete 100 percent of the game because different characters have different abilities. Queen Amidala can use a grappling hook to get to places others can't, but Qui Gon Jin can use the Force to assemble Lego Blocks into a machine that helps along the way. But R2-D2 is needed to open certain doors.... you get the idea.

The gameplay of the Lego Star Wars is wonderful. While only certain characters can be used to attack, others can be used for other things. Little Anakin can only jump, but is needed to crawl through vent shafts because he's small. Another interesting thing is that the droid armies don't attack their own. So, if you've bought a droid soldier or are using R2-D2, you can attack certain droids without worrying about being attacked yourself. And as I said before, different characters have different abilities, making for some interesting puzzle solving ideas. Sometimes, when far away from your character, it can be hard to judge jumping distance; but it's not too big of a problem. Throughout the game, you control two characters at a time, and switching between the two is just a matter of pushing a button on your controller. Once you have earned other characters, you can select any of them at any time with the tap of the L or R button to solve whatever puzzle. Also, since there are two, a friend can jump in at any time to make it a multiplayer experience. All in all, the gameplay is great and makes for a very fun experience. Keep in mind, this game was designed for children and isn't very hard. If it is a challenge you are looking for, look somewhere else. If you are just looking to have a blast then this game is for you.

Sound is exactly what you would expect from a Star Wars title. All of the John Williams music is intact; along with all the signature sounds of Star Wars' weapons and effects. There really aren't any voices in the game, which kind of threw me off at first. I guess Lego characters don't have vocal chords. Once in a while you come across a "Roger, roger." from a droid or you get an occasional grunt, but that's about it. After playing through the game a bit, I think this was a great choice. In order to keep the budget down, I imagine using the actual voices would have cost a few bucks. And it would have been insulting to use bad voice actors impersonating Ewen McGregor and the others. So I'd say going with no vocals at all was the best choice. Plus, it really adds to the charm of the game.

Speaking of charm, that's what I have to say about the graphics. Charming, charming, charming! You have to understand, when I was a little boy, I loved Star Wars and I loved Legos. When they re-released the Original Trilogy in theatres and decided to make them into Lego sets, I was blown away with nostalgic love. I may have been 20 years old, but you can bet I bought the Lego sets and built Tie Fighters and Snow Speeders. So, when this game brought together two of my childhood loves and put them in a video game, I had my own personal trilogy of love: Star Wars, Video Games, and Legos. Each character is built out of Lego pieces in a digital world. If you have seen a Lego Darth Maul, then you know what he looks like in the game. It's ingenious the way these guys look. The vehicles are made out of Lego parts that we all grew up with, so it will look familiar to you even if you never nerded up and got the Star Wars Lego sets like I did. The surrounding world is pretty much straight out of the Star Wars universe, but where ever there are parts to be assembled, characters from the movies, or ships and vehicles, they are all made out of Legos. It looks fantastic and really makes the game a blast to either watch or play.

I must confess, I didn't really think this game would amount to much when I first heard about it. I thought it'd just be a simple kid's game that would be forgettable as a Star Wars title. I was wrong. I just picked up my copy of the game as a Platinum Hits title. So, for $20, I am really getting my money's worth. I am telling you now, if you are a fan of Star Wars, get this game. If you ever liked playing with Legos, get this game. If you just want to have some good old fashioned fun, get this game. Basically, just get the game. It's worth it.

Lego Star Wars was a total surprise to me and a pleasant one at that. It filled me with nostalgia reliving the experiences of the movies. It made me giddy controlling Lego versions of characters I have grown to love. And it gave me goose bumps when I discovered I could tear it up as Lego Darth Maul. I can't talk this game up enough. It's a great title for any Star Wars fan and should be in everyone's collection. The game is available on PS2, Gamecube, XBox, and PC. If you have one of these systems and you have any inclination to get this game, just get it! You'll thank me. Now all we have to do is wait for the next one, based on the original Star Wars Trilogy. I can't wait for that! Can you? I mean, imagine... Lego Boba Fett!!!