Best star wars on gba

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game GBA
This game was really fun, The environments are vast and well detailed and interactive, the gameplay is fast and fun, the game ties in quite well with the movie following most of the main scenes as levels, The graphics are truly great and hold up today, The amount of characters is amazing with different actions and moves. My favourite part is definitely the lightsaber duels with the bosses. Some of the levels do tend to drag and involve some exploration to solve a puzzle usually involving a switch or a collection of items but the game overall has a good flow with a lot of action. There is also replay value and characters can be unlocked to play again in free play, each character has specific traits which are needed to reach new areas of the game, there is quite a lot to unlock so you will always find a reason to go back. The game is a little short however, not too short but the story can be completed within a few hours, still it will be a fun few hours! the game is not too difficult but provides a good challenge for kids and adults alike. I have also played through the lego star wars 2 trilogy on gba which is to be honest quite uneventful and the locations are just not as fun to explore and the graphics are actually worse, i have also played apprentice of the force which again is just not as fun as this game. Overall if you are looking for a fun pick up and play game on the gba or are a star wars fan this game is definitely worth a look.