Can't wait for the inevitable sequel. This is a stunning game.

User Rating: 9.2 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
I don't like little kids games. There usually pathetic and involve you collecting stuff and jumping on bad guys it's just undescribable. Anyway, when I first clapped my eyes upon LEGO Star Wars, I laughed.
Simple, i thought the idea would have no way of working and believed it wasn't going to sell. How very wrong I was...

Graphics: When I write some of my reviews I tend to make sure the games revolve around the graphics, believing it's one of the main factors a great game. LEGO Star Wars doesn't have fancy special effects, it's colourful and basic and in this case, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Gameplay: Works a treat and despite the lack of special attacks with only two/three combos, a jump attack and special ability (ie hover/fly/force) which meant that disposing of enemies could become repetive. But us gamers love a bit of Star Wars and LEGO works VERY well with it.
Playing as any character from Episodes 1,2 and 3 is amazing and Darth Vader rocks! My favourite character is Qui Gon Jinn.

Lifespan: Won't take you long to complete the game, although unlocking the unlockable level at the end could take a while, means its short. But two player option and the fact you can control ANY character on ANY level (barring vechile levels) means that it is a great laugh and the unlockable cheats (purple lightsabers, moustaches) makes the game even more fun.

Positives: Multiplayer (the best multiplayer game on the PS2 for sometime), good gameplay, it's Star Wars people, it's LEGO people, levels are replayable.

Negatives: Boring if your playing on your own, too short, not too hard.