A really fun game that packs enough content for kids to enjoy

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Star Wars PS2

Ever wondered what a Lego video game would be like? Well In 2005 Traveller's Tales and Eidos interactive made that dream come true! The game is set between Star Wars episodes 1, 2 and 3 and you go though levels which represent different parts of each movie. Each Level is divided into chapters, for example level 1 is chapter 1 and so on. You don't have to do the movies in order, but it would make more sense so why not. There are a lot of secrets, easter eggs and bonuses in this game such as a robot disco, a dance machine, a functioning drinks machine and finding hidden objects. Another noticeable feature is the characters you can play as, you can play as Darth Maul, Jango fett, Darth vader and even General Grevious if you have enough studs, yes sadly these characters cost money but it's worth finding studs. The graphics are good but nothing unique but graphics aren't important in video games, it's the gameplay and this doesn't disappoint. Playing through levels is really fun to do and you can even switch between characters in the levels. What's better is the co-op mode! This is BY FAR the best bit of the game, taking on bad guys and killing bosses is fun alone but it's a blast with your friend. The co-op is so good that almost every other Lego game has it in their games, it's THAT good. The controls are perfect, no complaints whatsoever! Walking, jumping, attacking and using vehicles are all very well done, it never felt flakey or off it was just right and that's what I like. I could only find one problem with the game, and it's a big one, the difficulty. This game is one of the EASIEST games I have ever played in my life. Every boss is weak and can die in a couple of hits, you have unlimited lives which makes the game very forgiving and add all of this with co-op and you have an incredibly easy game. Now it was made for kids and they might find it a bit hard but when I first played it I breezed through it, I couldn't remember the first time I died. This game is a great, with good graphics, perfect controls, outstanding co-op, lots of hidden goodies, quite a few easter eggs, fun missions and a crazy amount of characters. The only problem was the difficulty factor which was just too easy in my opinion but if you like Lego and/or a big fan of Star Wars you should snap it up.