I loved Legos and Star Wars as kid. Too bad the main achievement of this game is that it packages the 6 movies in one

User Rating: 4 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga X360
Lego Star Wars The Complete saga is a Lego interpreteration of the 6 classic movies. Complete Saga consists of 2 older games, one set on new and one on old trilogy. Every mission has atleast 1 A.I. controlled ally, or a human player in co-op. The story is what you can expect, with a humoristic twist. There is no voice acting, which fits the style but in the long run it gets a bit dull to only hear the basic gun effects and Star Wars themes repeated over and over. Even though the story is familiar and shallow, the Lego version is wacky enough to entertain.

Unfortunately the gameplay itself is passable at best. Mainly you are just walking through familiar enclosed environments smashing attack button and jumping around. There is no challenge whatsoever, the game is really slow-paced and simple. There's no game over, you continue where you died with a score penalty. Moreover avoiding "death" is near impossible, you will die over and over from the fleets of bolts enemies are shooting at you unless you take things real slow. Another annoyance in the combat is that often instead of shooting at the enemy, you punch your ally standing right next to you. Lightsaber duels never end unless you use jump attacks, or your friend hits the enemy from behind, which makes them really easy and short battles.

Aside from the barely passable combat there are also plenty of puzzles, most of which are made for a newborn and and just get tedious. There are also some vehicle missions, ranging from awful to good, the best and worst levels of this game are vehicle based. The main event are the tons of collectibles the game has. The common studs, which are used as currency are literally everywhere and picking them up becomes a huge chore and a timesink. Aside from the studs there are things like bricks and mini-kit pieces that reward you in various ways. Some are in plain sight while some are not, some of which require you to revisit the level as a different character. With currency you can buy even more unlockables. There are also bonus stages. Lots of content for sure.

The A.I. buddies are useless. They complete the obligatory tasks such as pulling levers with you and follow you around decently. In combat however they are not able to damage enemies and most of the time they don't even attack. Even worse is that 9/10 of enemies will completely ignore them and focus on the player. It's extremely frustrating when you're trying to move or build and object, but enemies interrupt and reset your progress, resulting in even more deaths. All that results in single player being borderline unplayable. Fortunately Co-op doesn't have much issues and is decently entertaining.

The biggest and only notable difference between new and old trilogy is that IV-VI missions are a lot longer, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Atleast I thought I-III missions were brief enough not to drag on, while IV-VI missions seem to be a tad too long. You can tell that the IV-VI missions have a lot more effort in them though, or maybe it's just the quality of the movies. Anyways it's sort of sad that my favorite level must be the hub world of Tatooine Cantina. There you can really see the effort in this game: Map rooms featuring all the movies, all the unlockables and a bunch of familiar characters walking around the cantina. The best part is the ability to cause bar battles though, with dozens of characters running around smacking each other. Even your A.I. buddy works there and is able to kill people. In co-op I must have spent multiple hours there just brawling with the characters.

Summary: The Complete Saga is a very poor game. Gameplay gets repetive and boring, even in co-op after a while. However I thought the cutscenes made it worth playing through. Aside from that there are lots of collectibles to keep players busy for dozens of hours. The Complete Saga is also the only game that includes the entire saga, and does it thoroughly. All the important Star Wars scenes and fights, 60 playable characters including everyone notable, all the recognizable vehicles are here and the soundtrack consists of classic tunes. It's passable enough as a co-op game for some casual sessions and I definitely recommend for Star Wars fans to atleast play it through. There is effort, but IMO this game underestimates everyone including children.


Wishes: Something should be done to spice up the gameplay. Even if there is no game over the game could allow player to feel skillful. There are lots of childish and casual games that do that such as Crash Bandicoot and Super Mario. Make player characters more resourceful so they don't feel so weak and slow, or die over and over against stormtrooper blaster bolt armadas. Dive jump, more force powers and faster pace in general. Puzzles could be atleast feel like puzzles. A.I. allies should work in combat too.