Great Classic LEGO STAR WARS

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga PS3
Am fan of star wars and i love lego its great combination in the game i love its cute game and funny here you can play the episode 1 to 6 there is alot of things to do in the game you have to find a hidden brick each level and collect mini brick.
you have so much characters to collect and buy and after you end the story mode you need to buy the character because each characters has special ability and you need difrent characters to get to your objective.
i really recommend you to get this game if you are fan of star wars and lego like me.
now there much lego games
indiana jones
star wars
harry potter
pirates of the caribbean
clone wars
i like star wars and pirate of the carribean both are great and am not fan of harry potter and indiana jones. the story are short and i hate them specially harry potter