Same old same old

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga X360
About a month ago I began my whole LEGO game quest and I can just say that even though they are all well done they are getting very very boring.

First of all as always Ill speak about the good and what stands out is how much it stays true to the story and even adds its own elements that fit in great. The music and game play is also done very well as is characters. Another good thing I would have to say is the fact that you get the entire saga on one disc which makes playing a lot better.

Some of the bad well er....the only bad thing is that this game as with the others gets very very predictable and I find myself playing not for fun but by pushing myself to get the achievements. Overall another decent game. 7.5/10

A little side note is that I feel all the games like this should be on once disc makes thing better for the consumer.