A Family Friendly Game With a Lot of Charm

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga WII

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a game with a fun and quirky sense of humor and a lot of charm for kids, as well as adults who are nostalgic about Star Wars. The core gameplay for the game is competent-- where one is exploring levels on foot and collecting studs; however, the vehicle sequences are all terrible, and the co-op game is hindered by a bad camera which forces players to either be close to one another or have accidental deaths because one player went too far ahead of the other. The game is designed to be played many times, as there are a ton of collectibles and secret areas in each level that require different characters in order to access them. The only problem with this is, the core game is not good enough to warrant multiple playthroughs. Most completionists will use the lego studs they collect to purchase in-game cheats which enable them to blast through the levels multiple times in order to reach 100% completion. I recommend this game to families who want a good game which everyone can play and enjoy; however, there are much more compelling experiences out there.

The Good:

  • A fun, family friendly game.
  • Lots of things to collect.
  • In-game cheats which you can purchase.

The Bad:

  • The core game itself is average.
  • Terrible vehicle sequences.
  • The camera in co-op is often busted.
  • Because this game is a compilation of Star Wars episodes from two separate games, the first three episodes are less-developed and not as good as the final three.