Hoping for a remake

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga X360


The sound track is ok but gets very stale and repetitive after a couple of levels.


Yes it came out in 2007 but there are still standards. The environments look bland and lack any real definition. There's a lot of recycled, poor looking environments. Not to mention the occasional bug or two.

Game Play:

Your typical Lego game play. It gets a bit stale after a few hours of playing and eventually becomes a grind fest just to finish it.


It's cool to play through all 6 episodes. Gets tiresome after the first few levels. Some levels are annoyingly short while others are annoyingly long. Too many vehicle levels, Feels like they were made to save time designing new levels. Sadly, They skip a lot of interesting parts in the films and those parts are only covered in poor cut scenes. Boss battles are a joke and no real challenge. Needless online play. Far too much grinding to 100% the game. Characters are simply the same 4 types (shooters, jedis, droids, and short people) but with different skins, It gets stale playing as them. Playing all the different kind of vehicles is sort of fun but sadly the vehicle controls are garbage.

Overall: 6/10

The reason I want a remake of the game is because it can be so much better. Visually, It looks awful. Most missions are boring to play through. It's just a disappointing collection and I wish it was better.