Lego Star Wars III gets many things right but also misses out on some basic staples of the series,but overall is good.

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
I have VERY mixed reactions when it comes to Lego Star Wars III,the game has some impressive graphics,by far the best lego game graphics for a portable and even gives the consoles some competition,but due to the horrible camera view (shows the game in 3rd person view and looks much like a television show where there is a fixed view) you feel as though you are controlling a remote control car rather than playing AS that character because with the camera you are forced to just look on at the action,this then takes away from the graphics,the game does a great job of telling the star wars story in a new and fresh way,for players (like me) who are Star Wars fans but never saw/were interested in the television series the game is still enjoyable and you are rarely left in the dark as to what is happening.Multiplayer and AI (or lack thereof) is the main drawback to this game,you never get to play with ai characters on the same screen like in previous lego installments,you are loning it out the entire game which is a pretty big drawback,and the fact that ai characters are in the hub (main area you buy items,play minigames,and choose missions) is almost useless as they have about as much personality as a chair,you can attack them,appear as an enemy in front of them,or do anything without a reaction at all,which is a big step down when compared to the enjoyable ''bar fights'' resulting from shooting an ai character in the previous lego games.If you play lego games for the crowded feel of your team and the main area then this game will be a big disappointment.But with the negative factors aside this is a worth while game.The combat makes even simple characters like yoda feel like a bad-@ss fighter and while battles with droids are easy they are incredibly fun.There is also a considerable amount of good sidematerial,in the hub there are about 5 unique minigames,and better than I expected,they aren't just a few simple concepts thrown together to be considered extras,several are great games you can play for a while without getting tired of,overall Lego Star Wars: III has its faults but is a very good game.