Lego star wars the clone wars

User Rating: 6.5 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars PSP
This is my review of Star wars the clone wars the LEGO version for the psp.I got to tell you guys that this game for the psp is real short.I am serious real short like 5 hours or so.There is no change in the gameplay for the psp only the ps3 and xbox versions have the large scale battles.You still get to collect studs and minikits though.And you get to use the studs to by new characters.Well as you may notice that in some levels there are sections that can only be used by specific characters which you have not unlocked yet.Adding to the replay value of the levels but sooner or later you get bored.Realizing that collecting studs gets tedious and repetitive.What about the graphics then?Well the graphics are the same as of any Lego game for the psp but this one though has more of a darker feel and more texture in it.There are also puzzles like in every Lego game but the difficulty is almost elementary though.It does try to stand out of the crowd though by letting you participate in large scale battles though but you can only do this in the xbox,ps3 and pc versions of the game.So It is more likely that when you finish the main sstory mode.You dont care about the collectables anymore.So you just finish this and leave it in the shelf or delete it.I would fully recommend renting this.