A shallow, tedious and rushed game of a franchise that is usually brilliant. Shame.

User Rating: 5.5 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
In my younger days, I adored the Lego franchise, Loved the Lego star wars games, I even played them constantly when i was younger.

Such a shame to see such a poor effort on a newly launched handheld.

Based on the animated 'Clone wars', Lego star wars may look flashy with its neat graphics and cool 3D effect. But in reality, it has far, far too many problems. It's just so tedious and boring. The combat feels far too light with only around 3-4 enemies at one time, repetitive button mashing to fight, poor puzzles that are explained to you before you even think what to do with them. Lego star wars 3 even has performance problems, it crashed at least 4 times whilst playing it, Saves don't always work, it's just a dire mess.

Good points may be that it looks good and controls fine. But what is the point in that if the game is such a tragedy? I seem to be repeating the same word over and over 'Shame'. But that's all this is.

The Good:
Flashy 3D effects with nice graphics
Controls well

The Bad
Lack of enemies on screen
Combat is shallow
Poor puzzles
Performance issues such as crashing or saves not working