An ok game, fun but did not meet my expectations. To much like DS version. could be better.

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
I bought this game with the expectations of a lego star wars game with gameplay like the wii with massive battles. I was somewhat dissapointed because the game was just like the DS version but with better graphics and 3D. The 3D was good, may have been better but good for a launching title for the 3DS. I totally believe the 3DS has the power and graphics of the wii, if not better, and the producers of games for this system need to get this into thier heads. This game pretty much looked liked to me like the producers believe this consol is just another improvment to the 3DS franchise. It is at least 10 times as powerful as the 3DS. I hope games in the future will take advantage of the 3DS's power and make better games, not copies of DS games with better graphics. Overall, I found lego star wars 3 to be an ok game to start out with for the 3DS and the graphics were good, not as good as they could have been, but good. The gameplay i would rate about a 5 out of 10, not anything to be proud of, lucasarts. In the future, please make games for the 3DS more like the wii, if not better, not like the crappy graphics and gameplay of the old DS.