Steller graphics, in-depth gameplay and childrens humor make this the best Lego Star Wars game.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars X360
When I first saw there was going to be a new Lego Star Wars game released, I began to immediately think: Why? They've already done all the movies! Then I found out it was The Clone Wars, and I thought, yet again, why? My first bout of skepticism was quickly tossed to the side when I began playing Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

The first thing that floored my jaw was the incredible graphics of this simple, yet complete Lego game. I wasn't expecting much, just another run-of-the-mill Lego game. But what I got was not only surprising, but refreshing: An amazing-looking Lego game! The Textures are some of the best in a Lego game, or any game for that matter. The Effects of the explosions, weapons, ships, etc. are seemingly perfectly done. They really captivate you and pull you into the game.

The little Lego Models are very nicely done, and the character movement is seamless and smooth; something I greatly applaud.

The Gameplay is nothing to be gaffed over either; it's pretty obvious it's a near-perfect mix of mindless action and precise controls. There are plenty of huge, open battles that are a great addition to this game while still having the traditional linear levels that are accustomed to the Lego franchise.

Of course, this game is not perfect, though to be fair I don't think any game really is. The first time you experience the huge, open battles you'll notice the enemies tend to constantly respawn until you've eliminated a certain base. I personally don't find this a big flaw, as it keeps the combat action flowing as something is always happening. But nonetheless, it can be flustering to some, so it's worth a mention.

The levels can be confusing sometimes; I found myself more than once having to backtrack to a previous area before moving forward to find the exact thing I needed to do to drop a force-field. These moments are few and far between, but when they happen, they can be a little bothersome enough to make you swear at your TV a couple times. The lack of Online doesn't really upset me, as I don't really play games online; I'm more of a Single Player Story-Driven type of guy.

The open Space Combat and the added ability to get in and out of spacecraft and fight on the ground is truly amazing. The large, open landscapes play very well into the mostly-linear gameplay. And of course, you'll spend hours and hours getting True Jedi over and over as you replay each level with new characters to unlock all the Golden Bricks and collectibles, as there are literally hundreds. Earning an honorable mention is the ability to cut doors and other objects with your lightsaber. There's just something mesmerizing about being able to slice your way through a steel door with a sword-like object.

Overall, this game is pretty incredible. In the beginning, I was expecting just another Lego game that would be worth a few good hours of laughs and fun. But, in the end, the tongue-in-cheek humor mixed with huge battles and amazing graphics were really able to draw me in and keep me hooked for hours. I would highly recommend this game to anybody, whether it be on the PC or the Console, because either way you'll have yourself a blast!