GREAT 3DS graphics, but gameplay not as good as the Wii version

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
I hoped the 3D graphics on Nintendo 3DS would be great and I am not disappointed at all in this game! But it's true what they say about the "sweet spot" - it's mostly not a problem though. It's more a problem if you look at others playing. We will hopefully see games in the future with more and even better use of 3D effects than Clone Wars, but it still looks really GREAT! The 3D depth makes the game feel much more alive and kicking.

The gameplay is not much different than the all other Lego games, but there are some improvements for the better. Also lots of new weapons and Jedis are able to climb walls using their lightsaber. I still haven't unlocked the "wacky" mini games, but they sound fun.

If you loved the other Lego games for DS, then it's definately a game for you, but also consider the Wii version which has better gameplay.