my review for lego star wars iii the clone wars. enjoy

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars PC
lego star wars 2005 was the first star wars game that came out in lego it haved washout graphics, damb combat system and stupid frendly i glad to tell you that lego star wars iii the clone wars is the best lego game that came out to date. it intruguce a naxt Generation graphics. improvve combat system, and smart frendy ai.the story himsalf wiil take you abuot 8 hour's but the story is only 30% of the game. the is so much to do here to collect mony and unlock new characters.the game is also much bigger from an epik batlle in a arena til a huge battle in space.the controls are pritty much the same as thay ware in the last game but the combat system is imporved that you can chain hom much hits that you want.the force is also changed now you can grab enemys and trow tham its relly you got also difrent types of clones from a mashingun clone til a bazooka clone so now the missons that you are a clone is fun and not lego star wars game thare is bosses but now evry boss there is afinsher move same as good of war and it look fantstik.the game is pritty easy bucuse if you die you just come back to life but Through the game thare is sum chalnging summry lego star wars offer alut of contect that Previous lego game dident offer. the is not just for children's the is for everyone that want good Adventure