Fun game to play for every gamer, but still has some issues.

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PC
After its hit on the PS2 and Xbox, the second Lego Star Wars game comes to the Xbox 360, PC and alot of other platforms to.

Lego Star Wars may sound like a toddler title, but the game really packs a punch and has some decent spoofs that are thrown towards the other Star Wars movies.

You'll be able to play as seven different characters when you advance in the game, each one of them has their unique abilities, like Jedi's can use their power for physics puzzles and lightsaber battles, and R2D2 can unlock doors.

The hit in PS2 and Xbox was the Drop-in and drop-out multiplayer co-op, it worked great, you could play it together back then and you could leave and join in whenever you wanted without being a trouble to the other players, but now it got in a pickle for this version because theirs friendlyfire on, so you kill you're teammate alot, and the camera will get in trouble if two characters are really far away from eachother, sometimes a teammate gets stuck somewhere and you have to backtrack to him to let him be able to move again.

Their also alot of maps from the originial movies, and you'll be able to play on vehicles which is mighty fun, there are also some big maps where you can cruise the whole land thru.

Tho, it may be weird to see such simply phong-shaders getting on next-gen consoles and high-end PCs, the lego actually looks real and interacts real with it surroundings, the animations are one of the smoothest anymations I've ever seen and it just works great. Explosions and lasers are top-notch for you're pleasure.

Look at the movies, DOH.

Is it a good platform shooter:
Its a great sequal to one of the best Star Wars games ever made, give it a rent or something, its worth it.