Just another run of the mill platformers.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy X360
Lego Star Wars is a pretty solid game, with lots of collectables and many things to do to clear the 100 percent tile. Still it’s not quite as good as other action platformers out there. There were a few things in the game that just seem to make it more frustrating or tedious. Like sometimes whenever I used a Lightsaber, the hit detection was way off. I would notice my saber going though enemies and then finally hitting them. There was a glitch in super story mode on Ep.6. Where it freeze up during the 4th chapter. Sure there’s a way to avoid it but c’mon it shouldn’t even be there. The flying levels would have been better if they put a u-turn button in there instead of you having you push the opposite direction to do it. But my biggest gripe about the game would be the fact that you can’t have the studs automatically come towards you when you’re near. What I mean by this is I want them to come to me just like the bolts do in Ratchet and Clank. Also finding a lot of studs in the levels got tedious after awhile. Having to use the force on every nook and cranny gets really boring.

I like the look with the legos and stuff. The music was good but I don’t know how you could screw up the music when you take it from the movies. The gameplay was a bit average, but it took me 30hrs to complete everything so it has some value.