A solid, fun, and charming action game with enough fun for kids and adults.

User Rating: 8.6 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy X360
Some people with the first "Lego Star Wars" might have said it wouldn't work. But it sure did the first time and it does even better the second time. The gameplay is still the same. You run, jump, and gun. Yup, that is it. But remember it is a child-orientated game. The action in the game is satifisfying enough, but it has a lack of challenge to it. Most of the lasers and lightsabers home in on enemies and kill them in one hit. But to keep it from becoming a bore to play you only have four health hearts, meaning in four hits you are dead. The graphics are nice and certainly have the distinct Lego-style to them. Blocks make up most of the environment and even give off an explosion of small lego pieces when you destroy the many destructible containers. My only gripe with the graphics is that there isn't much to distinct between versions. From what I have seen, the Xbox and the Xbox 360 variants look similar. But they get the job done. Sounds in the game are taken straight from the movies, which isn't necassarly a wrong thing but is a little disapointing. The game also doesn't have any voice acting but that also helps the lego charm and it is quite humorous to see familiar Star Wars characters nodding and making grunting noises. Bottom Line: This an above-average action game, and an incredibly good childrens game. I would highly recommend getting this for a Star Wars loving kid, or a Star Wars loving adult.