the second in the series is far better than the original but its not without it faults.

User Rating: 8.2 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PS2
Lego star wars 2 is the second game in a franchise which is now well known for its way of encapsulating the star wars experience into the form of Lego bricks. Like the original it is a tongue in cheek look at the star wars story with extremely easy controls which is definitely aimed at the young gamer. However the second raises the bar in terms of features when tackling a New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi which are considered by the star wars faithful as the definitive star wars films.

When you first begin the game you start off in the moss eisley cantina which will have the same use as Dexter’s diner in the original game but with added areas and the cantina you can access episode areas to start a new chapter of the trilogy, the parking lot to view all the vehicles you’ve made by collecting minikits and theirs the character creation hub which does what it says in the title.Theirs also the shop which is kind of an essential part of the game since it has for sale all of the characters you will need to complete the game.

In the 3 episodes you will only have access to the first chapter of a new hope but once you complete that chapter you will have access to the second chapter of a new hope and it also gives you the possibilitie to start the 5th and 6th episodes of the trilogie which is great if you’re finding a current chapter hard or you’re bored.The episodes are split up into 6 chapters which cover the memorable and defining moments of the films so you’re going to destroy the death star and watch darth Vader cut off you’re hand.

Lego star wars still uses the blend of action adventure like it did with the predecessor but places much more emphasis on will find that you will having to use ever abilitie the characters in you’re group has. Teamwork among characters in this game is vital if you want to complete a chapter. Some puzzles require you to simply push big blocks among a room into a switch or a hole and others require you to get dressed up. In certain areas which require you to open doors with specific characters you need to use storm trooper and bounty hunter helmets.these don’t last long with only one shot from an enemy making you’re helmet dissapear.Despite the Jedi’s supposed to being the strongest characters in the film their certainly not in the first half of the game. You will find that a pistol is what you will be using the most with it being able to target hordes of enemies and allowing you access to grapple onto edges. This feels like a bit of a let down when you get you’re hands on a Jedi master since you would expect them to have an edge over a storm trooper.

In this game the developers have put a lot more emphasis on building. Personally this is what Lego is all about so more of this is welcome. With all non droid characters being able to build other than just jedis like in the first game. Also building is vital to completing a level with you having to build bridges,doorways,vehicles and even other characters.
In this game the characters have developed immensely from the first time. Now you can dodge with blaster characters. Melee attacks have become a more proficient way of defense.Some characters have their own adaptations of this but the best has to be Chewbacca’s dismantling of the enemy by ripping their arms off.

Another big change is the use of vehicles.Vehicles are no longer on rails so no more frustrating races.My favourite has to be the tractor which just makes any character on it look like a complete yokle.This means that there are dedicated chapters in which you have to chase storm troopers, destroy the death star twice and bring most robots to their knees. It’s a bit like grand theft auto in some missions with you stealing giant cannons on stilts from a storm trooper. Sadly thought the controls for these vehicles are very frustrating.Allowing the vehicles to do backflips and corkscrews sounds gould but it means that the controls have to be ultra sensitive. If they’re is one problem with making vehicles “rail” free then it’s the uber twitchy control system.

The gameplay in lego star wars is very easy to grasp. Its just a slash and dash but it can take some time to get throught levels.You will find it a lot harder with adaptive difficulty on it but it still isn’t challenging to the average gamer.Unlike the other game you will find yourself going off in lots of different directions just to get past a certain section and you will find out the loads of different ways they’ve used the build feature. Basically if theirs a pile of bricks it builds something unusual and weird.

Sadly they haven’t added any online and multiplayer.They’ve stuck to co-op so basically this means that you’re friend can take control of one of the other characters.This is alright but you have to keep within a certain distance of each other which is a little awkward in certain circumstances.It would have been great if they could have had some sort of online play on their and the fact they havent,for me tarnishes the versatility of this game.If they’d have just have had some coffee and doughnuts and invented a means of online co-op or online vehicle battles etc then it would be amazing.

The graphics in Lego star wars look ok.I haven’t encountered any errors or mishaps but im not surprised I haven’t due to the amazingly bad camera angle.They use a fixed camera source in each area so if you go to the far end of the area it makes you’re character impossible to see.This was a problem in the last game but it wasn’t this bad.The problem is the fact that in the first game it was at a low third person view point but this time its up high to accommodate the action.If they’re is one major problem with the game then it’s the camera angles.Dspite this the moments you do get close you can see the little details on the characters which just add a little but give a lot to the star wars experience.

Lego star wars 2:the original trilogy has great charm but its let down by some easy to fix errors.Some time you think what if they took a little more time.Despite this it’s a take on the episodes 4,5 and 6 which you will probably never forget