Well this time... The gameplay is worth to play!

User Rating: 8.7 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy XBOX
Well when i was going to but the game i was so exited to play it...

Good: This game is ten times better than lego starwars... It´s harder to clear the stages... More challenger ( wich is fun^^) create your own character but i say the create own character wasen´t that great we where hoping for!

The Bad: The stage takes to long to clear... And the second the worst of all THE CAMERA!!!!! The camera is same problem like the previus game beacuse
sometimes you dies when you play coop beacuse you was to long from the camera wich is bad! And the last that is the enemies the almost worst of all they just keep coming and coming until you do someting (like close a lock)

The gameplay: Much better than the previus one! This gameplay is like 10 times better than the previus one you come really like the gameplay!

The sound: Well this time this game is not annoying like the previus one...