So I was once playing Gameboy Advance with my friend...

User Rating: 3.6 | Soccer Mania GBA
And being a fan of soccer, I was desperate for something decent on the Gameboy Advance. So my friend had this game and gave it to me, since he said it sucked. Hey, not bad. A free soccer game.

Sorry..actually it was very bad.

So in the beginning, with some annoying music, there's a language selection screen. At least that's decent, they had 9 languages(well 8, there's English UK and English American. the only difference I saw was soccer became football) so that was...decent. So after I selected English US, it went to the main selection screen where you can choose what to do. There was even more annoying music..if you can call it that... at ths screen. So the first one was Training, where they teach you how to dribble, shoot, blah blah. And for some reason, under training, there was "setup" where I suppose you choose your favorite team, and "statistics" where it showed how long you've played, etc etc...(why would this be under training?) Already there was some pretty terrible graphics.

So then there's friendly. You go to friendly and you can choose two teams. The teams were : Adventure, Arctic, City, City Stars(what's the point of that?) Knights, Pirates, and Wild West. From what I know they're all the exact same except for different clothing, which you probably won't be too interested in because the little people things looked pretty terrible. Then you select from four different stadiums.

When you start the game, if you actually make it that far without turning it off, a ball bounces in the middle of the pitch, and kickoff happens. It's not a really smooth runner, and the graphics are pretty bad. One button passes, and you hold down another button to shoot. At least they have a powerbar for shooting. The graphics are just as bad, the sound has weird horns honking and such, and it's all a pretty big mess. There's also some lightning bolt collector thingy on the pitch that I'm not quite sure has a purpose, I was pretty done there.

There's Quest mode where you can select one of three teams(Lego City, Wild West and Knights' Kingdom) and you do matches(Quest is probably to see how long you can stand this game), and Multi-player so you can call your friends over, have a good laugh and waste his/her time when you could be using your precious time playing that new DS you got. Then there's options, where you can change stuff, and Restore, which I don't know what it does.

Overview -

Gameplay - Really bad. Not fun, slow, unrealistic and not arcade. Just bad.

Graphics - Really really bad. Pixelated, bad backgrounds, and a HORRIBLE camera.

Sound - Annoying whistles, and bad music, but at least sound's in the game.

Value - Not really much here to do, and I don't think you really want to see if there's any replay value.

Overall - 3.6. Avoid this game, folks.