Lego football mania offers fun and exciting football but it's not without problems Real score=76%

User Rating: 7.5 | Soccer Mania PC
Lego football mania in brief is a arcade football game in which you play as lego characters in a variety of fun and exciting game modes. It does have drawbacks though.

The game modes in Lego soccer mania are story, single match, challenges and lego world cup. Single match is pretty obvious. You can use any of the teams you've unlocked or your story team to play one off matches against either the computer or with two players. Challenges are more like training exercises. Completing them unlocks five higher skilled players each with their own unique talents. The challenges range from easy to hard but can be very frustrating at times and sometimes you will just give up they're that hard. Lego world cup is exactly what it says on the tin. You can choose from one of thirty-two national sides represented by lego players and compete for the lego world cup. It's fun but the best gamesply mode is the story. It goes as follows. You have to win six mathces to win the lego cup. However once you've achieved that feat it's cruelly snatched away when the Brixter steals the trophy. The rest of the story is about playing matches to hunt him down and regain possesion of the cup.

Gameplay mechanics are simple. You have five outfield players and a goalie. You have to pass the ball around and the whoever scores the most in the time limit wins. Various items pop up to collect and each one offers something different to the game. Power-ups include a shield, rocket ball and super speed. An electric fence resides around the edges of the pitch so that the ball can't go out of play. There are many pitches and amny varied teams. Adults and even teenagers may be put off by the lego theme but underneath is a solid arcade football experience.Graphically the pc can offer much better but it's not so bad tat you'll be put off playing and sound wise the commentary is good but not exceptional.

Lego football mania has no outright flaws to speak off. Loading times can get annoying and are rather long and there's occasioanl slowdown but get over thes eissues and you will have an enjoyable experience. The game brings nothing new to the table and won't appeal to everyone but it is a good game. Nevertheless it doesn't have anything special about it or any real spark so it is in no way a must buy or a pc highlight. Anyone looking for some no frills football fun should look no further because you could do a lot worse.