Lego Soccer mania is a fun game --- for about 30 min.

User Rating: 5.7 | Football Mania PS2
The thing about Lego Soccer Mania is that it's an entertaining game, but not for a long period of time. It actually has little to do with Lego™ Blocks, except the characters and some of the objects in the background.

- Fun and a good Multi-player
- Great for younger audiences
- Gives you a break from "ordinary" soccer games.
- Bomb Ball power up is awesome (If you activate it, it will start ticking, then explode, and anyone from the other team who is a few feet from the ball with fall down)

- Bad Soccer Game
- Can't customise your own characters (Choose hair, shirt, etc...) but merely choose already made characters from the game
- Very slow and frequent load times
- Power-ups make it way to easy to score (for both teams)
- Team AI is terrible (During the game some of them will just stand in one place)
- Goalies Suck

All in all, this game has a few good qualities, but also, a lot of bad ones. I say, if you think you are interested in this game, RENT IT FIRST!