I dunno why all my m8's rip on this game, generally, its Great?!

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Rock Raiders PC
Good old school fun, reminds me of ages back when i got my first PC. i lost the disc years ago but finally got it on torrent. GOOD STUFF!! The graphics are awful now But this just says "Gameplay over graphics" all over it. Still havn't finished it though and thats the only problem, the levels are very long and slow! I would reccomend smacking the game speed to full. Theres not really much of a storyline but it doesnt affect the game at all. The first person play is pretty cool regardless of the lack of things to do and showing of the flawed graphics. Even though it is extremely irritating at times it is Very addictive and has a good variety of things to do. Ignore first impressions and your fine.

All in all its a great strategy game...(not to be confused with the PSX version which is awful)