oh yeah great game

User Rating: 8.6 | LEGO Rock Raiders PS
this game is all about collecting cristals and stuff mostily you have a time limite wich really sucks but the gameplay is quiet good. you can pick between 5 character which all have there special ability like one can repear vehicles ,one can swim,...

you also have a lot of vehicles wich are a bit hard to control you will drive in to water whit some fast vehicles but there are lots of choises and most of them can really help you finding crystels and other things you need to collect .

one thing that really sucks about this game are the long loadings ,make sure you have something whit you that'll keep you busy durning the loadings cause they are really long like minutes . the game has some funny cutscenes wich doesnt have to do whit the story at all they're just there to laugh .

probably the best part of the game is its soundtrack it is really awesome and got some memorable songs in it and luckly the game is also a cd so you can put it in a cd player and listen to the soundtrack just like in GTA .
and another awesome feuture is the 2 player co-op wich is just really fun .

this is a fun game and its to underrated .