This game was crappy and I hated it.

User Rating: 1 | LEGO Rock Raiders PC
Don't even get me started on the crappyness of this game.
But I think when you get down to it there are really ten reasons that it really stinks. (Ps. The only part of this game that's worth it is the little commercials in between the levels. and that's only kind of worth it)

1: Its boring
2: Most of the objectives are unachievable by anyone but a genius
3: The Animation is downright awful.
4: On a fairly minor note, the little phrases they say when you do stuff are repetitve and extremely annoying if experinced in large doses.
5: The Music is like this really annoying electronic pop.
6: The Monsters and other creatures are too easy to get rid of, and even when you do get rid of them, they don't actually DIE.
7: The Whole system of play, (Limited oxygen even when you have the stupid building that's supposed to stop that from happening, walls that you can't mine through with even the supposed "Big" Vehicles, the fact that you need ten bazillion energy crystals to build anything past a teleport station,) Just really annoys me.
8: picking on a specific part of the game for a minute, the power station. why the crap do you have to use energy crystals to power it? you have too crapping few already, and you can't really afford to use them on other stuff, and then the rock raiders give it to it automaticly like every thirty seconds, and you need the power station to build everything else so it's a neccesity.
9: the rock raiders move so friggin' slow over every thing but the "Power Paths" Which the friggin' rock monsters destroy like ten of every time one appears before you can get your rock raiders over and blow it up.
10: the whole objective of the game is stupid.

There you have it. ten reasons not to buy the biggest waste of time ever to curse the gaming world