Good in theory, bad in practice Real score=48%

User Rating: 5 | LEGO Rock Raiders PS
Lego rock raiders sounds look it should be fun, at least for younger gamers and at some points it is but it's far to frustrating and won't keep anyones attention for long. The game follows the story of a team of lego characters known as the Rock raiders. They are flying through space when a wormhole type things opens up and sucks them in. They reappear healf-way across the galaxy and end up crashing on a strange new planet. Their only hope for survival is to find crystals hidden in rock ore to power the ship and return home. Based on the Lego range of toys, the game contains all of the characters, vehicles and the dreaded rock monsters.

It should be a good game but it's held back by a number of issues. Firstly the only real enemies are rock monsters and there needs to be more variety. Water and lava can kill you but I wouldn't call them enemies mearly obstacles. Secondly the gameplay itself gets old very quickly. Every level involves either rescueing team members or mining for ore whilst avoiding the rock monsters who inhabit the planet. Thirdly the graphics aren't exactly sharp and aren't helped by the games strange top down view. The camera would be much better behind the player so you could gain a better perspective of what to do. Lastly the game incorporates a password system for no reason at all really. There's far from to much on the disc so a save option should be standard. The passwords can be long and convoluted and for a game aimed at a younger audience that isn't good.

It's not all bad though. The cinematic sequences offer great graphics and are well though out and put together. The scene involving chasing the slug and then running away from the lava is perhaps one example. It's a shame that wasn't carried over into the game. The cutscenes are also humorous which helps lighten the tone of the game and make it more child friendly. The gameplay can be fun for a time but it doesn't hold any lasting appeal and is too one dimensional even for children. It should have been better then this and it's a shame it wasn't.